Tips to get approved from google adsense from nepal easily . If you follow this step you dont have to worry about getting acceptance from google adsense ,write 9-10 well organized and unique post
manage your website layout…

Aar QR Code Generator and Scanner is the best android application to generate QR Code for your business, phone number,location or for any information and scan qr code from any medium file,image or directly. Now days more information are shared in the form of qr code.You can create QR Code and use it for advertising,gain customer intraction in easiest way,or share your information in most accepted QR Code form.

Here i will guide easiest way to implement rate us dialog in android application in easiest way.

We will use one android library to implement this feature in our application. Using this library you don,t need to track your app . Writing 4 5 lines of code help us to implement rate dialog in android app

How to Get US Number Free – If you are working online you need to verify many account using email phone number etc. Sometimes some service are not available in some country and if we want that service we need the phone
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