software engineering in nepal

Software Engineering In Nepal – In recent year the number of student who are intrested in technology are increase rapidly in Nepal. When it comes to choose new course or career fresher student needs to tackle a fight in their mind, what to study , is this course has good scope or not etc. To overcome these battle in mind about people who are intrested in software engineering in Nepal , I am going to write about scope,top collage,fee structure,course structure etc about software engineering/computer science in Nepal.

At first lets discuss about software engineering?

Software engineering is the systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software. Software engineering is a direct sub-field of engineering and has an overlap with computer science and management science. It is also considered a part of overall systems engineering.

Software Engineering in Nepal

In Nepal, if you want to study Bachelor of Software Engineering (BE Software) course,it is a 8-semester course of study. This degree is provided by Pokhara University only .. The degree is awarded to those who successfully complete a eight-semester program. In Nepal there are only 3 collage providing this course Namely:- Nepal College of Information Technology and Gandaki College of Engineering and Science as well as Pokhara university center collage also provide this course nowdays. 

if you didn’t want Er before your name after studying software engineering course you can find a lot of collage which provide international University degree which has course related to software engineering like Bsc(Hons) in Computing is provided by British collage, Information Technology and Software engineering course is provided by Patan Collage.

Fee Structure

Normally BE Software at Pokhara University affiliated collage charges about 8-10 lakhs whereas if you get chance to study in PU center collage they charge about 4-5 lakhs. Pokhara University also provides scholorship for 10 student in each collage in each course if you are student from goverment collage, if you have passed SLC from govermenet school you can apply for scholorship.

Course Structure

In software engineering,Algorithms & Data Structures,The Software Process,Electronic Circuits,Computer Programming,Fundamentals of information technology,Fundamentals of Hardware,Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence,Mathematics,Database Systems,Start-up Entrepreneurship,Computer Architecture,Computer Program design,Fundamentals of Marketing these areas are included

Working Areas

Becoming software engineer the working area for you opened broadly, you can work as software devloper, software designer, algorithm writer, android devloper, ios devloper, web devloper, SEO, graphic designing ,Programmer etc.


To become great software devloper you even don,t need degree , if you are problem solver and if you learn programming you can become software devloper, If you are planning to study software engineering in Nepal ,i recommended you to join NCIT Balkumari, if you are from Kathmandu valley, which provides a efficient BE Software Course.

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